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1. Names of Automobile Components.

Name the components in an automobile, using a phrase.
Nombre los componentes en un automóvil, usando una frase.

2. Name Our Body Parts

I am 26 years old, and I weight 150 lbs.
Yo tengo 26 años de edad y peso 150 libras.

I am 5' 8 " tall and I wear clothes in sizes medium and large.
Estoy 5' 8" alto y uso ropa en tamaños mediano y grande.

3. Clothing for Men and Women in spanish.

When we get up in the morning, we get dressed.

Cuando despertamos en la mañana, no vestimos.

What are you going to wear today?

Que va usrar usted, hoy?

4. Numbers in Spanish.

I learned to count with my fingers.
Yo aprendí a contar con mis dedos.

How many students can you see?
Cuantos estudiantes puedes ver?

There are more students than my fingers combined.
Hay más estudiantes que mis dedos juntos.

5.Time: Minutes, Hours, Days, Months, Years

Its about time!
Ya era tiempo!

I have been waitng for a long time.
Yo tengo mucho tiempo esperando.

But now that you have arrived, time wil fly.
Pero ya que llegaste, el tiempo va a volar.

6. Relatives - Family Member Names in Spanish.

Its all about the family
Todo es de la familia.

Our family is very big.
Nuestra familia es muy grande.

There are so many, sometimes we lose one.
Hay tantos que a veces perdemos uno.

My godmother is coming too.
También va venir mi madrina

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0. Introduction

1. Automobile Components.

2. Name Our Body Parts.

3. Find Your Clothes.

4. Numbers In Spanish.

5. Time In Spanish.

6. Family Members Names.

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